Monday, November 22, 2010

U-people Comics Blog

U-people does have it's own blog that can be found here.

Here is what U-people Comics is about:

U-people Comics is a soon to be syndicated daily comic strip written and illustrated by Micah Byler. It follows the adventures of Kyle, a humorous and adventurous six-year-old, and Seth, his hysterical little brother. I am still working on his strip and will try to submit them to Universal Press Syndicate.

U-people is set in an unspecified suburban community. The strip depicts Kyle's flights of fantasy and his adventures with Seth. Kyle and Seth set out to the unknown woods to discover creatures that didn't exist. Many mishaps follow and they often get themselves into more than they can handle. The strip also follow events that have happened to me myself as a child.

Thank you for reading. I'm close to copyrighting and then I can post comics!!!

Micah Byler

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