Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Quest

Hello readers!

We wanted to give you a sneak peek of "The Quest" and also an update on it.

For those of you who do not know what "The Quest" is, it is the book that we are currently writing. It is a fantasy that has epic battles, dragons, and adventures!

Sneak Peek:


In the land of Zebron, evil grew inpatient. For its time to rule the land was near. It lived within a mountain, an exploding mountain. The villagers from Gemlock called it Mount Karonius.

A volcano it was.

Inside this volcano dwelt evil. And the evil took the form of a dragon. And it is said by men, and all living creatures, that if any life form were to look upon The Dragon, they would be terrified by its blood red scales, burning crimson eyes, razor sharp teeth, and huge wings. But they would mostly be terrified by the heart of The Dragon.

And the heart of The Dragon was a sword.

A marvelous sword that was chained around The Dragon's neck. The handle was made out of pure solid gold, and bright, shining metal for the sharpest blade. This marvelous sword had a rare kind of red gem, that glowed blood red when used for evil. The red gem was held tight below in the handle of the sword, which then reached to the strong blade.

As the sword dangled from a chain. Like a necklace, blade facing toward the ground. The Dragon made a high-pitched sound that echoed over the volcano's walls. The sound was almost like a laugh. A sinister laugh that would frighten children to hear. The Dragon knew it was time. He glanced over to an open scroll and made the sound again. The scroll said that a time would come when evil would rule the land because of a sword.

His sword.

The sword that would be united with a man and destroy the land. The Dragon stretched it's wings and made a low growl. Then it blew flames from it's mouth and onto the scroll, destroying each and every word that was written on it because the scroll also said evil would be destroyed. With bloodthirsty eyes, The Dragon made a shriek towards the skies. Its time had come.

Stay tuned for more!


The Quest Update:

Pages so far:

Plan: We plan to finish the book by the end of the summer. Writing an average of five pages per day. Also going back to edit what was written the previous day.

The Story: We are still in the beginning of the story.

About the story: When the King of Gemlock calls forth men from the Gemlock village and kingdom to retrieve the Sword of the Dragon in a volcano across the land, Andrew takes up his courage and leads a group of brave men to Mount Karonius, where the Dragon lives. Along the way they battle deadly creatures and make their way to the Sword.

(You can find Quest Updates on the side of the blog.)

Micah and Ben


  1. Awesome! I'm so proud of both of you! I love your creativity! Can't wait to read the whole story!!!

  2. Gosh I haven't read your stuff in a while...
    Great job!